From Feed To Bio-Feed

The cutting-edge research & development of 

microbial strains is our first productivity & 

strong competitiveness.

Through the cooperation with China Agricultural 

University, Shandong Agricultural University 

and other institutions, the excellent strains 

are selected to bring the optimal breeding 

performance and economic benefits to customers.


The enzyme activity & viable count of probiotics 

can reach approx. 20% higher than specified in 

the label, in case of any loss of activity during 

the process of transportation & storage.

The contamination of other bacteria is much 

better than the international general standards.

The raw materials & production process are strictly 

based on the level of human food grade.

Quality Control

Don't worry. Once you work with us together,

we'd support you on all the technical issues

of Enzymes & Probiotics, to make your business

easy & comfortable.

Technical Support